C. Martins Bus Service Ltd. is committed to promoting Health and Safety in the work place by endeavoring to prevent accidents injuries and occupational illnesses. Our company accepts its responsibility in ensuring the safety of the passengers. To ensure the Health and Safety of its work force, and all who come in contact with C. Martins Bus Service Ltd., our company provides safe equipment, competent supervision and adequate safety education for all employees. All our employees are trained in Emergency First Air & C.P.R., WHMIS, Student Management & Evacuation procedures and our drivers are also trained in Defensive Driving.

We promote continuing education which refreshes and renews the above training requirements and injects other relevant training programs such as anti-bulling, special needs awareness and safe winter driving.

We tailor most of our training to reflect the uniqueness of transporting passengers.

We strive to teach all our student riders the importance of bus safety both on and around the bus. We offer both in class and on the bus training safety training to schools and every-year during School Bus Safety week.